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MODULITH® SLK »intelect«

The versatile lithotripsy solution.

The versatile lithotripsy solution.

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The MODULITH® SLK »intelect« represents a new generation of lithotripter which can be customised to various demands. The adaptation to urological workstations or the combination with C-arcs is simple for the user. It features the proven STORZ MEDICAL cylindrical shock wave source with its high performance and long lifespan. Motorized movements of the therapy source allow an easy set-up of the device in different scenarios.

Depending on the desired usage, the lithotripter can be equipped from a basic set-up up to a premium version with integrated navigation and automatic focus positioning. When not used the MODULITH® SLK »intelect« can be folded into a space saving position for storage and transport.

  • Motorized movements
  • Compact design
  • Proven shock wave source
  • Modular

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

On-board focal gauge / Touch screen panel / MODULITH® SLK »intelect« in detail

The companion for urological workstations

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

The MODULITH® SLK »intelect« is the ideal complement to urological workstations like the STORZ MEDICAL PRIMERA ST360®. This combination allows diagnosis and therapy without moving the patient to a different room.

To perform a SWL the patient can be positioned and treated on the table of the workstation. Since the lithotripter can be combined without any difficulties, the therapy success can be monitored and controlled by in-line X-ray. After the treatment the lithotripter can easily be moved away from the urological workstation and be stored without using much space.

  • In-line X-ray localization
  • Simple adaptation to urological workstations
  • Ideal combination with PRIMERA ST360®

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

Motorized movements / In-line X-ray localization

The lithotripsy module for C-arcs

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

The MODULITH® SLK »intelect« in its basic version can be combined with various surgical C-arcs and OR-tables with lateral cut-out. The motorised movements of the therapy source facilitate the focus alignment for a fixed therapy head position. In-line ultrasound can be used for targeting radiolucent stones.

In the high-end version the optical navigation system Lithotrack® links the MODULITH® SLK »intelect« to C-arc and ultrasound. This version allows maximum flexibility in set-up and use. Localizing the stone by handheld ultrasound is performed like a normal diagnostic examination of the kidney. Just by marking the stone in the image, the automatic positioning system LithoPos® moves the therapy focus on the stone. No dedicated table is needed to perform a SWL.

  • Lithotrack® navigation system
  • LithoPos® automatic stone positioning
  • Easy set-up

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

Therapy head in under-table and over-table position / Lithotrack® / Off-line ultrasound

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