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Orozco Fariñas R et al, 2011: Evaluation of the significance of radiographic density and size of calculi in the incidence and clinical manifestations of postlithotripsy renal hematomas

Orozco Fariñas R, Iglesias Prieto JI, Massarrah Halabi J, Mancebo Gómez JM, Pérez-Castro Ellendt E.
Urology Unit, Clinica La Luz, Madrid, Spain.


OBJECTIVES: The present study is a continuation of an earlier article published on the incidence, clinical manifestations, treatment and risk factors associated with postlithotripsy renal hematomas (1). To assess the possible influence of the size and radiodensity of kidney stones on the incidence and clinical behavior of renal postlithotripsy hematomas.

METHODS: Observational prospective study of 324 renal units in the same number of patients undergoing extracorporeal renal lithotripsy. The variables "calculus size" and "radiographic calculus density" were evaluaArch. ted statistically by means of the IPSS 0.15 program on the basis of 42 postlithotripsy hematomas diagnosed and grouped according to their clinical behavior.

RESULTS: Higher incidence of hematomas was observed in hiperdense calculi (25%) versus medium density calculi (7,4%), this difference was significant in the asymptomatic hematoma group.

CONCLUSIONS: Calculus size was unrelated to the incidence of renal hematoma, but there was a significant association between renal hematoma and radiographic calculus density, probably due to the relation of radiographic density to chemical composition and, ultimately, to hardness and ultrastructure. Ultrastructure is yet another factor, among others, to be taken into account as a potential conditioning factor for this complication.

Arch Esp Urol. 2011 Jan-Feb;64(1):43-50
PMID: 21289385 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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