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»Pseudarthrosis: Treatment with focused shock waves« is the first volume of the new Level10 »Essential Knowledge« series. The treatment of pseudarthrosis is one of the most interesting areas of application for extracorporeal shock wave therapy. A growing number of orthopaedics consider ESWT to be an alternative to surgery.

Level10: Pseudarthrosis

»Shock Waves Today« is the Journal for Shock Wave Users. In our current issue we would like to show you the individual advantages of focused and radial shock waves and how an improvement of treatment can be reached by combination of both technologies.
STORZ MEDICAL magazine: Shoch Waves Today

STORZ MEDICAL presented the new D-ACTOR® 200 »ultra« at this year’s 5-Continent-Congress («5CC»), which was held in Barcelona, Spain, from 31 August to 3 September 2016. Apart from the established radial Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT®) and the V-ACTOR® vibration therapy for the treatment of cellulite, the D-ACTOR® 200 »ultra« additionally offers the new VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy. The combination of three technologies in one device broadens the range of treatment options and helps to improve treatment results.

D-ACTOR 200 »ultra«

The expert committee of the International Design Awards (IDA) has twice rewarded the lithotripter MODULITH® SLK »intelect« in Los Angeles. The device received the “Gold” award in the category "Industrial And Life Science Design - Medical/Scientific Machinery" and additional a “Honorable Mention”. The fusion of aesthetic appearance and user friendly functionality has convinced the design jury.

News SMAG 1 940x650

Compact, intelligent, flexible: during the EAU Congress 2016 in Munich/Germany (11-15 March), STORZ MEDICAL presented the new MODULITH® SLK »intelect«. The lithotripter’s impressing features make it the ideal shock wave solution for urological workstations.
MODULITH SLK »intelect«
MODULITH® SLK »intelect«

For treating fascial structures, alongside conventional treatments, shock wave therapy is increasingly used – with excellent results. Dr Stephan Swart and Dr Carlo Di Maio are two physicians who used shock wave therapy to treat fascia-related problems early on. Based on their ideas and experiences, in collaboration with STORZ MEDICAL the new PERI-ACTOR® transmitters were developed that fundamentally facilitate and optimize fascial therapy. In order to share their comprehensive expertise, Dr Swart and Dr Di Maio have founded the discentis continuing professional development academy.
Shock waves in fascial therapy
Special fascial transmitters facilitate treatment

STORZ MEDICAL has received the PMA approval (premarket approval) of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the DUOLITH® SD1 (Class III)*. This means that the innovative focused shock wave therapy system has now the FDA’s highest level of approval. It is approved in the USA for the treatment of heel pain due to chronic proximal plantar fasciitis**. As a result of the FDA approval, STORZ MEDICAL and its partners are now able to begin with the market launch of the DUOLITH® SD1 in the USA. The PMA approval of the device in the USA is also important for other countries as it signalizes that the DUOLITH® SD1 can be trusted when treating chronic plantar fasciitis.

In late 2015, the new manual »Enthesiopathies II« by Dr Ulrich Dreisilker was published as the sixth publication in the »Shock Wave Therapy in Practice« series (available in English/German, Level10 publishing house). Orthopaedic specialists, physiotherapists and sports medicine specialists will find valuable information and ideas for daily work on patients in this volume. In comparison to the earlier volume »Enthesiopathies« (Level10, 2010), the new book focuses on the treatment of enthesiopathies/tendinopathies with radial shock wave therapy (RSWT). »It is a valuable companion for all ESWT users in clinical routine«, writes Dr Martin Ringeisen, General Secretary of the German International Society for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (DIGEST), in the foreword to the publication.

Enthesiopathies 2

Available in English and German: »Enthesiopathies II«

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The »3rd SHOCK WAVE China« – a conference on extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) – was held in Shanghai, China, from 24 – 25 October 2015. It was sponsored by STORZ MEDICAL. More than 300 participants attended top class talks and hands-on workshops on treatment possibilities, innovative technology solutions and current trends. Many Chinese media reported on the conference, which shows that shock wave therapy is becoming more and more important in China.

SHOCK WAVE China 2015
SHOCK WAVE China 2015 – sponsored by STORZ MEDICAL

The public hospital »Hospital Obrero« in San Bernardo de Tarija, Bolivia, is counting on the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by vascular diseases. It is the first hospital to offer ED treatment with the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« in Latin America. Since 2014 the Boston Medical Group has distributed several DUOLITH® SD1 »T-TOP« devices, amongst others, in Brazil, Mexico and Peru, and now the success story of this latest model in the product family is continued.

First DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« in Latin America for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

During MEDICA 2015 in Düsseldorf/Germany, STORZ MEDICAL presented the full range of its shock wave therapy solutions and several innovations. Highlights were the new MASTERPULS® MP200 »ultra« and the new radial »FALCON« handpiece – they make working with the patient pleasant, efficient and flexible.

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Successful launch of focused shock wave therapy in France

Rééduca (Gicare), the world’s largest trade fair for physiotherapists, was held in Paris (France) from 9 to 11 October 2015. 11,000 visitors attended the event, where more than 150 exhibitors presented the latest trends and solutions in rehabilitation. One of the trade fair’s highlights was the launch of focused shock wave therapy in France at the stand of STORZ MEDICAL and its long-time partner SHOCKWAVE FRANCE. Visitors had the chance to get information on the new DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« and to experience the user-friendly technology of the new focused »SEPIA®« handpiece. »Focused shock wave offers users of shock wave therapy additional treatment possibilities. The conditions are very attractive as with the new generation of the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« both the investment costs as well as the operating costs have significantly decreased«, said Mihai Atanasiu, director of SHOCKWAVE FRANCE.Salon Rééduca 2015 in Paris

In the fifth year since premiering at the Vienna EAU Congress in the Spring of 2011, the success story of the MODULITH® SLK »inline« just keeps rolling on. This year, the mark of 60 installed devices all over the world will be exceeded. The number counts towards the 1700 STORZ MEDICAL systems sold throughout the world in the last 27 years.

2015 07 01 001 news

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Fasciae are connective tissue structures that pervade the entire body. In the 1950s, the American biochemist Ida Rolf examined fasciae for the first time. She believed that the connective tissue or fasciae played a greater role in muscle aches than muscles did. This resulted in rolfing, a manual body therapy that affects the network of fasciae in the human body. For a long time, it was unclear what really had an effect on the connective tissue and the role that it actually played. Today, we know that fasciae cover all our muscles as well as all our organs. Muscles are only able to transfer their complete force through them. Fasciae contain above all nerve endings, receptors and lymphatic fluids and thereby cover our bodies like a network. Fasciae are flexible and can change.

2015 05 22 001 news

Currently, innovations in radial shock wave technology are increasingly found in the area of shock transmitters. In order to further optimize the treatment of individual indications and body regions, shock transmitters are developed which are specially formed for the needs they serve. In addition to the newly developed fasciae shock transmitters specialized shock transmitters for the radial shock wave handpiece for treating painful dysfunction on the entire spinal column are now being presented for the first time: the so-called SPINE-ACTOR® shock transmitters. They allow muscular imbalances and pain conditions to be treated equally well as trigger points.

2015 05 21 001 news

Disorders called pseudarthroses can occur in rare cases when bone fractures heal. Certain bones are more frequently affected than others, such as the long bones (lower leg, upper leg, upper arm and ulna with radius) or the scaphoid bone. Conventional treatment occurs via surgical intervention. Today, however, shock wave therapy is being used more and more frequently as an alternative, to great success; a success story which began in the early 1990's.

2015 05 15 001 news

250 million people of every age play football all over the world – this means that people are destined to get injured. Since football is a contact sport and most people do not use shin pads or other protection, a wide range of different injuries are possible. During a game, players constantly change movements and are continually stopping and running. This places great strain on the entire locomotor system and its connected musculoskeletal system. The weather and the state of the pitch can also cause injuries.

2015 05 13 001 news

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Right from the very beginning, STORZ MEDICAL has placed great emphasis on developing high-quality products and solutions that not only provide excellent ergonomic design and superior therapeutic outcome but also deliver exceptional treatment success rates even under adverse ambient conditions. To meet this challenge on a long-term basis, we continually evaluate the installation and application reports submitted by our engineers to figure out if and how we can improve our systems in terms of ease of servicing and installation, reliability of components, transport safety and robustness. The information gathered from this analysis is used both in the development of new systems and in the service and maintenance of existing products operated by our customers. All these efforts translate into an exceptional service life of STORZ MEDICAL systems, which – in many cases – may reach over twenty years with unlimited performance level or localization precision.

2015 03 25 001 news

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The purchase of a MASTERPULS® or D-ACTOR® »ultra« provides access to the exclusive ICE Shock Wave Portal. There you will find up-to-date information from all fields of shock wave therapy. All you need is an Internet connection and a corresponding display device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer.

2015-03-13 001 news

The treatment modalities available for urolithiasis have radically changed over the last 35 years. Innovations from all over the world have revolutionized the treatment options in stone management. Extensive open surgery with a significant mortality rate has been replaced almost entirely by minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures for the treatment of stones of any type, size or location. Similarly to other great developments in history, the road to modern stone management has been long and rocky.

2015-03-12 001 news

Shock wave therapy users have good reason to be happy: The new »Shock Wave Therapy in Practice« Web portal has been online since the end of June 2014. The Website is operated by the LEVEL10 publishing house that specialises in publishing technical literature on the topic of shock wave therapy, which means it has available a great deal of specialist knowledge.

2015-03-11 001 news

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As a successful shock wave technology company, STORZ MEDICAL is used to creating fields of tension to generate energy, dynamics and reaction. One field which provides a fitting accompaniment to the medical side is the company's appreciation of art.

2015-03-10 001 news

Users were already able to have a first glance at the focused »SEPIA«-handpiece of the DUOLITH® »ultra« line in October 2014, when it was presented during the »2nd International SHOCK WAVE Conference« in Berlin. The newly developed »SEPIA«-handpiece will be available as of June 2015. In addition to the customary aesthetic design, it offers a whole range of innovative features from which users can benefit.

2015-02-18 001 news

In December 2014 the first stationary MODULITH® SLK »inline« in Australia was installed at Casey Hospital in Berwick, a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. Casey Hospital is part of the Monash Health network, the largest in Victoria. Services include an emergency department, general medical, mental health, rehabilitation, surgical and ambulatory care services. The hospital is a provider of paediatric services for Monash Children's Hospital and is a centre for the leading cardiac services of MonashHEART, too. Dr. Philip McCahy, Clinical Head Urologist at Casey Hospital, had a few words to say about last week's successful installation and dedication of STORZ MEDICAL's MODULITH® SLK »inline« – The smart solution of Lithotripsy.

2014-12-16 001 news

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. While most often associated with older men, erectile dysfunction is a common problem for men of all ages.
2014-12-04 001 news

STORZ MEDICAL AG is known around the globe for its extensive range of products and services in the field of extracorporeal shock wave therapy. High-end solutions are available for applications in urology, cardiology, orthopaedics, dermatology and other disciplines. With the recent launch of the innovative PRIMERA ST360® urological workstation, STORZ MEDICAL now offers its first medical system without integrated shock wave unit. This means the company treads new ground in an area in which it has a wealth of experience and expertise.

2014-11-21 001 news

New publication:
»Multidisciplinary Medical Applications« documents broad spectrum of treatment options of extracorporeal shock wave therapy

From angina pectoris to wound healing: »Multidisciplinary Medical Applications« by Prof Dr Heinz Lohrer and Prof Dr Ludger Gerdesmeyer offers a current overview of indications and application areas of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). The book has been published by Level10 and was presented during the »2nd International SHOCK WAVE Conference« in Berlin in early October.

2014-10-23 001 news

The »2nd International SHOCK WAVE Conference« was held in Berlin, Germany, from 3-4 October 2014. More than 250 attendees discussed current trends and future perspectives of shock wave therapy. STORZ MEDICAL was the corporate sponsor of the event and presented not only innovative fascia transmitters but also the trend-setting focused shock wave handpiece »SEPIA«. Another highlight was the presentation of the new publication »Multidisciplinary Medical Applications« by Conference President Prof Dr Heinz Lohrer and Prof Dr Ludger Gerdesmeyer.

2014-10-10 001 news

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Medical history was made when the first patient with kidney stones was treated successfully with shock waves in February 1980. It was in 1989 when STORZ MEDICAL revolutionized shock wave lithotripsy with its special design of a new cylindrical coil to generate shock waves with most favourable field distribution and widest energy range. For the first time, this technique allowed extremely large apertures and extraordinary focal depth. Another striking feature of the cylindrical coil was the central opening that was designed to enable inline localization. This inline configuration was a technological masterpiece.

2014-09-19 001 news

MODULITH® SLK »inline« - Design in every detail

Helping athletes reach the podium: Team Canada relies on DUOLITH® SD1 and MASTERPULS® line

Ski jumping, cross-country, ice hockey: The world's best winter athletes gathered in Vancouver, Canada for the 2010 Olympic Games. Athletes from over 80 countries inspired both the live audience and the billions of television viewers. Among the winners: STORZ MEDICAL and long-time business partner REMINGTON MEDICAL! Both companies were recognized by the Olympic Organizing Committee as »Friends of the Games« for equipping the medical infrastructure with shock wave systems.


View from Whistler Mountain near Vancouver - © Robert Cocquyt -


The STORZ MEDICAL shock wave systems are designed for a long working life. In order to give users and patients a positive and confident inspiring impression only high-quality materials and components are used. In addition, the systems are assembled and tested by qualified staff directly at the STORZ MEDICAL headquarters in Switzerland.


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In view of the constantly growing global competition it is no longer enough for enterprises to distinguish their products by quality and equipment features alone. In order to ensure that a product does not go unnoticed in the marketplace, it is necessary to create an individual image for this product and even for the corresponding enterprise. A positive image increases the anticipation of making a unique experience with a product.


© Emi Cristea -

When planning the STORZ MEDICAL building in Tägerwilen on Lake Constance, energy efficiency got high priority from the outset.

Header 2

The aim was to avoid an indoor climate often found in modern low energy buildings with forced ventilation and systems that keep temperatures at a constant level independent of the season: There employees perceive temperature, humidity and air exchange as unnatural and get a feeling of powerlessness.

Shock waves are longitudinal mechanical waves (acoustic waves). They interact with cells of the body by mechanotransduction.

Header-SMAG 1 940x650

Shock waves for cardiac use are generated outside the body in a water filled therapy head and coupled to the skin via a flexible membrane. Under simultaneous ultrasound control precise focussing and scanning of predetermined target areas is performed.

Shock wave therapy is an acknowledged form of treatment in urology, orthopaedics and cardiology. Wound healing is a relatively new field of application. At a STORZ MEDICAL symposium held in the course of the 17th Annual Congress of the German Wound Healing Society in Bochum, experts presented current data and informed about this promising treatment option.


Left: Treating an open wound on the foot with the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra«
Right: Shock wave treatment of a non-healing wound


The first successful disintegration of kidney stones was on February 8th 1980 in Munich, Bavaria. At that time the milestone for one of the most successful non-invasive therapies was set. In the mid-1990s the extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) was first used for orthopaedic indications. For this purpose, modified urological lithotripters were employed, which, however, did not become established in medical practice because of their shape, size and high investment costs. 1999 marked the beginning of the successful »career« of radial shock waves in orthopaedic pain therapy. Compact and conveniently priced shock wave systems became available for orthopaedic treatments for the first time. The treatments for horses started at the same time.

Header-SMAG 1 940x650 2

STORZ MEDICAL presents new MASTERPULS® MP100 »ultra«

STORZ MEDICAL presented the latest generation of its MASTERPULS® line at the 62nd annual meeting of the VSOU (South German Orthopedic Society) in Baden-Baden from 1-3 May 2014. The new MASTERPULS® MP100 »ultra« boasts attractive design, innovative technical features and the exclusive »ICE Shock Wave Portal«.

2014 05 16 MPultra PR001

2014 05 15 Villareal 001

Dr Adolfo Muñoz, medical director of the Villarreal CF soccer club with the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra«

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BVB - Borussia Dortmund

Football champion 2010/2011 in Germany and current second of German first league »Bundesliga« relies on DUOLITH® and MASTERPULS® shock wave therapy for its professional football team.

Swiss Olympic: Using Shock Waves for High-performance and Talented Young Athletes

Canton Thurgau, home of STORZ MEDICAL, is a region of high quality of life where many high-performance and talented young athletes as well as hobby athletes live.

(Picture: Dr Pascal Vogt treating a young athlete)

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STORZ MEDICAL at the Sochi Olympics

German Bobsleigh and Luge Teams in Top Shape

One of the top pushers, Franziska Fritz of the team of Sandra Kiriasis (silver medallist in the European Championship), and Dr Heinzinger at the start in St. Moritz

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The new MODULITH SLX-F2 »connect«

The intelligent connection of modern technology in urology

German Design Award 2014 & Special Mention for DUOLITH SD1 »ultra«

The German Design Council's Premier Prize

The German Design Award is the German Design Council's international premium prize, which further enhances the reputation of both designers and companies. Prizes will be awarded to high-quality products and projects from product and communication design, design personalities and newcomers for their pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape.

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DUOLITH SD1 »ultra« – Awarded Design

Red Dot Award 2012

German Design Award 2014 – Special Mention

KARL STORZ Group Opened Berlin Visitor and Training Centre at Historical Empress Augusta Hospital

Together with guests from politics, business and medicine, the KARL STORZ Group celebrated the inauguration of the renovated and modernized former Empress Augusta Hospital on 10 and 11 October. The future Berlin activities of the KARL STORZ Group will thus be combined under one roof.

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Figure Skating

The new world champion comes from South Korea

At the 2013 figure skating World Championship in London (Canada), South Korea's Kim Yu-na once again won the gold medal. Thus, she continues her successful course after winning Olympic gold in 2010. For years she has placed her trust in the DUOLITH® SD1 »T-Top«, which accompanies her on her tour around the world.

(Picture: Kim Yu-na and Andrew Son (UIC, STORZ MEDICAL partner in South Korea) are happy about her victory)

DUOLITH SD1 »ultra« in High-performance Sports

Technological progress in the field of extracorporeal shock wave therapy over the past few years has also effectively increased the range of treatment options for top class athletes. Today, focused shock wave therapy is used to treat a multitude of acute and overuse sporting injuries in order to shorten the inactive periods of athletes.

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The New Manual for Urologists

Technological progress in the generation of shock waves and the design of lithotripters has rendered treatment methods easier and more comfortable. However, the treatment results strongly depend on the correct handling of the technology.

Successful Use of the MODULITH SLC at the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital

Interview with the CSWT expert PD Dr Jean-Paul Schmid

Dear Dr Schmid, your clinic has been using shock waves in cardiology with success since 2006 to treat refractory angina pectoris. Personally, you have been working with the innovative MODULITH® SLC for 8 years. This device is now used quite successfully in many renowned clinical centres for the non-invasive revascularization of the heart.

Second design award for the MODULITH SLK »inline«

The German Design Council honoured the lithotripter MODULITH® SLK »inline« with the premium prize »German Design Award – Special Mention« on February the 15th 2013 in Frankfurt. Every year the German Design Council awards a prize to the best design and the most attractive ergonomics of technological innovations. After winning the red dot design award in 2011 the MODULITH SLK inline convinced again a design jury!

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The history of mobile shock wave lithotripsy

Shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) has been one of the most innovative therapy procedures in urology over the last decades. During the first few years, however, small hospitals could not afford to purchase a lithotripter owing to its high cost. This explains why ever since the pioneering days of SWL there has been a demand for mobile lithotripsy to make this revolutionary technology more easily available also in remote regions.

Focus on kidney stones with MODULITH SLX-F2

Kidney stones are a disease of civilisation that affects almost 5% of the population in the course of their lives. The annual incidence rate for renal calculi in Germany, currently at almost 1.5%, is on an upward trend and the condition is frequently associated with significant pain. About 50% of patients experience relapse within a period of 10 years if the stone formation remains untreated. These figures clearly reflect the importance of modern stone management.

(Picture left: Dr med Peter Sprenk, consultant urologist at the Urological Centre and affiliated doctor at Brilon Community Hospital, Franz Haselhorst, urology specialist nurse, Dr med Heinz Grosse-Vollmer, consultant urologist at the Urological Centre and affiliated doctor at Brilon Community Hospital (from left to right). Picture right: Localisation by X-ray fluoroscopy and stone positioning in the focus of the shock wave field)

Physiotherapy on the paddock and in equestrian sport stables: shock waves get equine athletes into shape for top performance

An increasing number of veterinarians are incorporating radial shock wave therapy into their regular practice with great success.

In its December 2011 issue, the renowned »Pferdesport Journal« reported about Christel Auer, a human physiotherapist and FN-approved equine physiotherapist who specialises on ESWT-based therapy options to maintain the structural and functional balance of equine athletes. Auer uses the MASTERPULS® MP100 VET system from STORZ MEDICAL for radial shock wave application (R-SW) and has been able to achieve high success rates with this approach.

(Picture left: Radial shock wave therapy is well-tolerated because it uses no painful high-energy shock waves. Horses become accustomed to it rather quickly. Picture right: Radial shock wave therapy can be performed on an outpatient basis. Therapy systems are flexible and ideal for mobile use.)

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EAU Paris Lithotripter News!

More comfort.

Now better handling of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Following its world premiere in Vienna one year ago, the new generation of lithotripter is already equipped with another compelling feature: the in-line unit for the MODULITH® SLK »inline« for successful ultrasound localisation.

What's more, the stationary lithotripter MODULITH® SLX-F2 has now been enhanced by the option of a fixed ceiling-mounting suspension system, offering even more flexible and easier handling in the endourological workstation.

The congress of the European Association of Urology (EAU) being held from 25 – 27 February in Paris will see the STORZ MEDICAL team presenting these innovative highlights for urology to medical specialists for the first time.

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Shock wave therapy and ultrasound diagnosis merged in a single system

  • DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« from STORZ MEDICAL
  • Diagnosis and therapy with a single system
  • Modular design for scalable performance
  • Intuitive control with "Top View" display
  • Diagnostic reliability

Tägerwilen, February 2012 – Orthopaedists, specialists in sports medicine and pain therapists can now benefit from a unique medical innovation: pioneering focused and radial shock wave therapy and ultrasound diagnosis have been merged in a single system for even better treatment results.

DUOLITH SD1 »ultra« - Shock wave innovation!

The new DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra«

First-class modular shock wave therapy with integrated ultrasound diagnosis

State-of-the-art ultrasound diagnosis and user-oriented treatment routines provide excellent conditions for forward-looking shock wave therapy. The new DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« offers a variety of features and options designed to enable optimal diagnosis and treatment of patients. The pioneering modularity of the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« ideally combines treatment, diagnosis, information and navigation.

With the new DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« innovative ideas merge with the most advanced technologies and progressive design without losing the sight of traditions.

DUOLITH SD1 »ultra«

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Efficient mobile shock wave therapy at its best

The MASTERPULS® MP100 »elite edition+« sets a new benchmark among compact radial shock wave systems for highly dynamic medical environments with a strong focus on individual requirements.

The built-in high-performance compressor makes the system even more powerful and provides excellent therapy success.

The MASTERPULS® MP100 »elite edition+« with V-ACTOR® vibration therapy creates a perfect balance between performance and efficiency, versatility and low maintenance costs.

MASTERPULS MP100 elite edition+

»Zurich open« – Schulthess clinic and the tennis world count on DUOLITH SD1

An exceptional tennis event:

Since 8 - 12 March 2011, Zurich/Switzerland has finally returned to the map of world tennis – with a worldwide new and unique concept: the »BNP Paribas Zurich Open – where champions meet talents«. Two generations of players: former legendary tennis champions as well as the world's best talents played in March in Zurich in separate round robin formats (analogue to the ATP Masters) and in a combined doubles competition.

Why is the new MODULITH SLK »inline« the best decision for an urological clinic?

Interview with ESWL expert Professor Axel Häcker, M.D.

Professor Häcker, your clinic has been using extracorporeal lithotripsy since 1989, starting with the first MODULITH® SL10/20. You personally used a lithotripter from STORZ MEDICAL, the MODULITH® SLK »classic«, until February this year. You and your department have now decided to purchase the new MODULITH® SLK »inline«. What were the reasons for your decision, and what do you expect from the new MODULITH® SLK »inline« for your clinic, your patients and yourself? We would like to ask you a few questions about this.

KARL STORZ Visitor Centre: Functional. Flexible. Modern.

On February 01, 2011, KARL STORZ Endoskope and almost 200 guests from Germany and abroad celebrated the grand opening of the new KARL STORZ Visitor Centre. Dr h.c. mult. Sybill Storz and Karl-Christian Storz were delighted to share the grand opening with invited guests from the realms of politics, business and medicine. In her welcoming speech, Dr Sybill Storz revealed that since joining her parents' company, the presentation of its products to the outside world and its continuous improvement has been her »hobby«. She explained that she was therefore particularly excited about the new Visitor Centre, which represents an avenue for customers to examine the entire KARL STORZ product portfolio, its advantages and its quality in detail. Visitors were able to experience the new KARL STORZ Visitor Centre first hand.

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New publications in the field of shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) commented by medical experts.
STORZ MEDICAL AG, Switzerland, offers a new literature service for medical professionals.

Since approximately 15 years extracorporeal shock wave treatment (ESWT) is successfully used for the treatment of non-healing fractures in special centers worldwide (Europe, Asia, Africa and off-label also in the USA). After extensive basic research and positively conducted clinical trials the executive committee of the 14th Congress of the International Society for Extracorporel Shockwave Treatment (ISMST) held in June in Kiel, Germany decided to recommend

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The first practice handbook on shock wave therapy

For orthopaedists, sports physicians and physiotherapists: the long-awaited »Shock Wave Therapy in Practice: Enthesiopathies« by Dr. Ulrich Dreisilker answers the most important questions regarding the treatment of enthesiopathies with extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). The book is available in German, English and French (DVD) on

German national trampoline team relies on ESWT

At the European Trampoline Championships 2010 in Varna, Bulgaria, the German national team was treated with ESWT. The final results were impressive: the German team won nine medals, among them four gold and three silver medals.

Tägerwilen/Switzerland, 14 March 2011. – STORZ MEDICAL's new MODULITH® SLK »inline« has received a red dot award for product design. Only products that clearly stand out from comparable products due to their exceptional design receive the prestigious international award. The new lithotripter was designed by STORZ MEDICAL's »design center« in Tägerwilen/Lake Constance in close cooperation with the innovation firm »frog design«. The world premiere of the MODULITH® SLK »inline« will be at the 26th Annual EAU Congress in Vienna, Austria (18 – 22 March 2011).

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Prominent guests during MEDICA 2010

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits KARL STORZ

Düsseldorf/Germany, 17.11.2010. – The groundbreaking innovations of the STORZ group attracted very prominent guests during MEDICA, the world's largest medical trade fair. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler visited the KARL STORZ booth in order to inform themselves about the latest innovative products of the long-established company.

(Picture: From the left: Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler, Dr. Sybill Storz, Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Karl-Christian Storz)

The medical potential of shock waves has not been fully explored yet

30 years of shock waves in medicine

Tägerwilen/Switzerland, 15 December 2010 – Only 30 years have passed since the first kidney stone patient was treated successfully with shock waves. What started as an experiment is now a success story: patients from around the globe benefit from the treatment with shock waves. Today the waves have a wide range of application and physicians use them not only in urology but also in orthopaedics, cardiology, dermatology and veterinary medicine. New research results in the fields of wound healing and neurologic diseases show that shock waves will become even more important in the future.

(Picture Left: Lithotripter 1981, Dornier, Middle: Lithotripter 2010, STORZ MEDICAL, Right: Treatment of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder with focused shock wave handpiece)

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Cardiological Shock Wave Therapy

V.D. Turchin - GE "Sanatorium Concha Zaspa", Kiev

(Picture Workshop participants: Sorokin A., Amaniyazova S. (Kazakhstan), Frosini, S. (Russia), Dusebekova L., Toyeva G. (Kazakhstan), Guterson A. (Germany), Yuvchik E., Turchin V., (Ukraine), Marlinghauz E. Shimor Y. (Switzerland))

The success story of STORZ MEDICAL AG started in 1988 with the development of a shock wave source with superb performance compared to conventional designs previously utilized in the field of lithotripsy. Electro hydraulic systems (spark gap/ellipsoid) and electro magnetic systems with flat coil and lens focusing were outperformed with respect to the most important parameters such as energy, energy flux density, peak pressure etc.

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