Cardiac shock wave therapy: STORZ MEDICAL’s MODULITH SLC receives CE approval


STORZ MEDICAL has received the CE approval for the MODULITH® SLC. The areas of application of this innovative shock wave system are ischaemic heart failure, coronary heart disease, and angina pectoris.

Being designed for penetration depths of between 0 and 150 mm, the MODULITH® SLC is well prepared to master any challenge in daily clinical practice, reaching target areas from the apex to the posterior wall of the myocardium. The proven shock wave technology developed by STORZ MEDICAL makes use of a cylindrical coil in combination with a parabolic reflector for focusing. The coil and reflector are perfectly adapted to the specific medical requirements. The long-life cylindrical coil lasts for several hundred treatments.

Flexible and intuitive

The MODULITH® SLC can be used with different patient tables. It enables easy operator access to the patient and to the controls of the system components. Owing to its compact size, it is also ideal for treatment rooms with limited space. When not in use, it can be stowed away to save space.

The graphical user interface enables the operator to view and check all major system functions and status messages at a glance. A simple touch of a finger is needed to select preconfigured parking and therapy positions. A 3D joystick mounted to the gel bottle holder of the ultrasound system is provided as an additional control option. This enables ergonomic localization of the target area while keeping everything under control.


In-line ultrasound for exceptional targeting precision

The cylindrical design of the STORZ MEDICAL therapy coil enables convenient installation of the ultrasound transducer in the centre of the therapy head. As a result, the myocardium shown in the ultrasound image is displayed on the central therapy head axis. The position of the focal point is displayed directly in the ultrasound image by signal transmission. The in-line configuration of the diagnostic ultrasound transducer in the therapeutic shock wave source ensures that ultrasound waves used for localization and shock waves pass through the same tissue regions, with only minimal deviations between them. The fact that the localized treatment area coincides with the shock wave focus provides maximum targeting precision.

In-line localization ensures that obstacles such as ribs are instantly visible in the ultrasound image and that sensitive regions such as the lungs can be reliably identified. Thanks to the unrestricted 360° rotation capability of the guide axis, the ultrasound transducer position can be perfectly adjusted to the intercostal sound window to ensure ideal imaging of the target area. The ultrasound transducer can be moved axially until it is in contact with the patient's skin. This prevents the occurrence of artefacts otherwise caused by the stand-off.

MODULITH® SLC highlights

  • Extensive energy range
  • Constantly stable shock wave application
  • Minimal treatment costs
  • Low noise level – no ear protection required
  • Simple alignment and focus check by motorized therapy source positioning
  • Compact design
  • Modular combination with different patient tables
  • User-friendly operation
  • In-line ultrasound