EMTT Treatment of Ex-Professional Cyclist Marcel Wüst after Serious Cycling Accident

Former professional cyclist Marcel Wüst in his second home in Mallorca

A guest article from Prof. Ludger Gerdesmeyer

He is considered one of the greats in cycling: the former German top athlete Marcel Wüst. In 2000 he was forced to end his professional career after a serious accident. Since then he has been working as a coach and motivator in the cycling scene.

With the bike training camp »Casa Ciclista« he has fulfilled a dream in Mallorca. From there he also started a tour on 6 February 2022, when, again, he had a serious crash on his bike, hitting the road with his upper body practically with full force.

Marcel Wüst was treated with the MAGNETOLITH®.The consequences of the accident were num-erous fractures, bruises as well as skin and lung injuries. Unfortunately, an operation could not be performed on the Spanish island because the injuries were too complicated. He was able to be transported to Hanover, Germany, for surgery by a »sea-level flight« – patient-friendly air transport where the patient is not exposed to insufficient air pressure. The procedure went well, only the healing process took longer than expected.

At this point, Marcel Wüst came to my practice and described his situation to me. I decided to treat his shoulder pain with Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT). Compared to normal magnetic therapy, EMTT has a higher oscillation frequency and the magnetic field is also stronger. This allows the MAGNETOLITH® to deliver a strong »effective transduction power« of over 60 kT/s. I treated Marcel Wüst in eight sessions. In each case, he received 10000 pulses at 80 mT and a frequency of 4 Hz.

Marcel Wüst and Prof. Ludger Gerdesmeyer This resulted in the pain subsiding, a quick progression of the physiotherapy and the athlete starting to entertain thoughts of getting back on his bike. He has now returned to his saddle and is training the next generation in his »Casa Ciclista«.

Marcel Wüst was also impressed: »After my serious fall in February, I was in good hands with Ludger Gerdesmeyer. The EMTT has helped relieve my pain. I was happy finally to be back on my bike.«

Portrait of Marcel Wüst
Marcel Wüst was born in 1967 and had already won 25 cycling races as an amateur. His speciality is sprinting. Here he was able to rack up more than 100 victories and won 14 stages of major tours such as the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España, among other events. Thanks to his speed, he even managed to win the polka dot jersey for the leader of the mountain classification in 2000 and later the green jersey for the best sprinter. As a result of a tragic accident in France on 11 August 2000, he suffered severe head injuries and lost sight in his right eye. That was the end of his professional career.