Germany, Austria, Turkey: Three more neurological specialist clinics add TPS to their range of therapies

NEUROLITH Installation_Prof. Dr Dr Dipl.-Psych. Ulrich Sprick

Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) with the NEUROLITH® system for the treatment of Alzheimer's patients is increasingly gaining momentum: In early June 2021, three more devices were installed in renowned neurological specialist clinics in Germany, Austria and Turkey.

In Germany, the Alexius/Josef Hospital in Neuss, with over 30 000 patients per year, opened a TPS treatment centre under the direction of Prof. Dr Dr Dipl.-Psych. Ulrich Sprick (head physician of the outpatient services and day clinics). The respected specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy is a lecturer at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and will work closely with STORZ MEDICAL in the future to further develop TPS.

NEUROLITH Installation_Dr Köppl_Prof. Dr Önal

Left: NEUROLITH® installation at Dr. Martin Köppl, Wiener Neustadt, Austria / Right: NEUROLITH® installation at Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zülküf Önal, Ankara, Turkey

Dr Martin Köppl, a specialist in neurology, will also be using TPS in his neurological treatment centre in Wiener Neustadt/Austria in the future. As a result, even more Alzheimer's patients in Austria now have access to TPS.

Another NEUROLITH® – the first in Turkey – was installed in Ankara in the private neurological practice of Prof. Dr Mehmet Zülküf Önal. Prof. Önal, author of numerous publications on dementia, Parkinson's disease and stroke, treated the first patients with Alzheimer's disease on the very day of the NEUROLITH® installation.

Further NEUROLITH® installations are planned for July/August 2021 in Germany, Pakistan and Hong Kong, among others.