Only winners at »BIKE TO WORK« – STORZ MEDICAL employees in a cycling mood

Only winners at »BIKE TO WORK« – STORZ MEDICAL employees in a cycling mood

With the aim of cycling to work as many days as possible, seven motivated teams of four from every STORZ MEDICAL department took part in the »BIKE TO WORK« challenge in June 2022. Throughout Switzerland, around 2400 companies have committed themselves to sustainable mobility behaviour because of the campaign. We asked our colleagues what they thought of the campaign in retrospect.

»We are proud of our achievement«
Just one look at the statistics reveals just how much the participants achieved, whether from neighbouring Germany or from nearby areas in Switzerland. With over 5600 kilometres behind them, these colleagues saved a total of over 812 kg of CO2 – hats off to them!

You need a lot of grit to keep pedalling through rain and storms. And if you lose your balance in the wind and weather and the lunch you packed ends up in the gutter, then it’s just too bad for you. When you get to the bicycle stands, you have to get one of the coveted, covered spots for your bike. Then you change clothes and get straight to work – it makes every day a challenge!

An appeal for health and sustainability
Impressive experiences in nature and fresh air like seeing a beautiful sunrise over Lake Constance, being able to save travel costs, or having a better feeling of physical well-being help compensate for the effort put in.

Many employees ride their bikes to work throughout the year independently from the campaign. They are the real heroes, because they reduce their impact on our environment every day and ensure a good work-life balance. The »BIKE TO WORK« challenge has helped to promote awareness and has helped motivate a few more colleagues to leave their cars behind more often in the future.

One additional motivation: Experiencing team spirit and winning prizes
During the campaign, participants enter the kilometres they have cycled in a calendar every day. Those who use their bikes on at least 50% of the working days are entered into the »BIKE TO WORK« individual prize draw. All teams that reach the 50% goal are also eligible for the team prize draw. At the end of the challenge, the STORZ MEDICAL participants traditionally celebrate their achievement at Lake Constance with sausage and beer while spending a pleasant evening together.

Some final insights
Cyclists often do not obey the traffic rules and motorists are better than their reputation. Here's to working together respectfully!