Parkinson's disease: World's first clinical trial for shock wave treatment


In 2019 the NEUROLITH® shock wave system was successfully introduced to the market. The Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) device, which was developed by STORZ MEDICAL in Switzerland, is the only medical device marketed in Europe that is approved in the European Union for the treatment of the central nervous system of patients with Alzheimer's disease. The effect of TPS is now being investigated in another neurological condition: In September 2020, the world's first clinical study for the treatment of Parkinson's patients with shock wave therapy using real-time documentation started at MedUni Vienna (Department of Neurology) in Austria under the direction of Professor Roland Beisteiner.

The study will evaluate the safety and potential efficacy of the method. Participants will be treated with the shock wave based TPS/NEUROLITH® system, which is already being used to treat Alzheimer's patients. Its patented Bodytrack® technology enables precise positioning and real-time documentation.

The current standard drug treatment of Parkinson's patients provides only minimal and short-term relief of symptoms. Most patients have only limited benefits, and treatment responses vary widely.

In contrast, TPS offers a completely new method for the treatment of neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease: brain regions can be stimulated up to 8 cm deep, whereby the short stimulation time prevents the danger of tissue heating. For patients, TPS is painless and uncomplicated. The treatment is performed through the closed skull, shaving of the scalp is not necessary. The patient is not immobilized during the treatment and can move freely.

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