Return-to-Play – A report by Michael Strøm


After the past few extraordinary weeks and months, we are already looking forward to the fact that the world of sports regained strength. To shorten the waiting time a little, we report in this newsletter issue about Michael Strøm, sports therapist and head of medical department of Copenhagen Basketball team. Thank you for this look inside, Michael!

During the last two years Michael has been looking after the Copenhagen Basketball team as thehead of medical department. The basketball team is in the development phase and is thus working with many young players. The club needs to make sure to prevent injuries through training, and help the players to return to play as soon as possible when an injury occurs.

The health team of four therapists is put together from two clinics: Michael Strøm`s clinic MS INSIGHT, which is specialised in treatment with focused and radial shockwave, and Nørrebro Fysioterapi & Trainingscenter, with focus on mainly rehab therapy and with basic radial shockwave and laser therapy.

When an injury occurs, Michael has the first assessment of the player, to assess the severity of the injury, and make a treatment plan that will get these guys return to the court, as soon as possible. After the first assessment, the team get together and present the plan for the current player. Each therapist has its specific role in recovery management. One of the biggest problems has been injuries due to overuse and overtraining. The players are eager to perform, so when we hit the middle of the season, there has been tendency to doing too much in the gym, combined with the tight match schedule. When these injures occur because of heavy and explosive loads over time, the therapists employ shockwave therapy. With the capacity of radial and focused shockwave, Michael can effectively loosen up the tight muscles that cramp and restrict movement across the joints. Even with small muscular ruptures they can speed up the process. With the more serious injuries as tendinitis, which often hit their Achilles tendon, we have successfully been using the ESWT combined with a consequent rehab protocol. With a broad set off spine, fascia and standard transmitters, they have a unique ability to be very specific for the certain type of application area.2020 06 16 news Michael Strom

Michael is confident that this combination of ESWT and training is the most efficient way for players, and clients in general, to recover. “The players are very fond of the shockwave therapy, because they can do a quick recovery, so they can go back playing the sport they love. They especially like the feeling of freedom of movement they get instantly after treatment, when having cramps and being restricted due to fatigue and tightness after a long time. It`s safe and I can apply it on all parts of the players body. It`s an easy way for the me to achieve an efficient result”, so Michael.

About the clinic

  • Specialised in ESWT within orthopaedics with a focus on efficient and fast “return to play” no matter if it`s an athlete or regular client

  • Work very active online with information in order to educate and attract clients for very specific treatment

  • Work with elite athletes mainly in basketball, swimming and triathlon

  • Shockwave has been the main ability to grow the clinic through the last 4 years after starting in 2016 and today the ESWT system is being used from early morning to evening

  • Expanded to work with erectile dysfunction and cellulite treatment

ESWT Live Webinar with Michael Strøm

Webinar 30th June 2020 · 18:00 – 19:00 (CET)
Combined Therapy R-SW & F-SW with EMTT

Register here:
The webinar will be held in english.



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