Review of 2022 »Big« long-service employee anniversaries at STORZ MEDICAL

Daniel Benz, Michael Petersen, Daniel Iseli, Sylvia Mesquita Ferramosca, Peter Schmid, Daniela Koller, Bruno Sousa, Giuseppina Maimone, Fritz Knödgen (from left to right)

A number of STORZ MEDICAL employees celebrated »big« anniversaries at the Tägerwilen site this year. They received a gift basket on the day of their anniversary as a token of appreciation.

Manuel Merk, CFO and Head of Human Resources, is impressed by their longstanding service: »STORZ MEDICAL's greatest asset is its dedicated and motivated employees. So we are delighted that we once again had the chance to celebrate several long-term service anniversaries this year and we are able to count on such experienced, competent and longstanding colleagues.«

Almost there from the start
Peter Schmid, Head of the »Hospital Line« Sales department, heads the list of long-servers. 30 years ago – 5 years after the company was founded – he started as a group leader in the Backoffice Sales department at STORZ MEDICAL and later took over responsibility for Europe and Latin America. During his 5-year stay in London, he set up the company’s UK subsidiary, »STORZ MEDICAL (UK) Ltd.«. In 2010, he returned to Switzerland to take up his Head of Department role.

20 years at STORZ MEDICAL
Daniel Benz has also had the chance to get to know several departments at STORZ MEDICAL. He started his career in 2002 in field service in which he worked all over the world. For the past 13 years, he has worked as a group leader for the »Revision« department, providing after-sales support for the »Office Line« partners.

At the same time, Daniel Iseli started his job in production of the »Hospital Line«, which was located at the Kreuzlingen site at the time. Back then, he was involved in the success story of the MODULITH® SLX-F2 from its very inception.

Giuseppina Maimone also »settled down« at STORZ MEDICAL in 2002 to work in the Order and Export Management department. She took over here as Team Leader in 2017 and, following part-time study, succeeded in graduating as a Swiss federal certified foreign trade manager in 2022.

On the job for a decade
Fritz Knödgen started in global field service at STORZ MEDICAL in 2012. Having gained this experience, he applied his knowledge in X-ray testing before finally becoming Product Manager for the MODULITH® SLK series of lithotripters in 2018.

Daniela Koller has also worked in the company’s Accounting department for 10 years. Here she took over as Group Leader and is currently supervising the apprentice Ibrahim Musliu in his training.

Michael Petersen took up his position at STORZ MEDICAL in 2012. He is responsible for assembly in »Hospital Line« production. His expertise lies in setting up X-ray systems.

Sylvia Mesquita Ferramosca started working at STORZ MEDICAL in the same year. Her job mainly involves producing the coils used in the focused devices of the »Office Line«.

Bruno Sousa started 10 years ago as a fitter in »Hospital Line« production. His job is varied and includes both mechanical assembly and electrical wiring of equipment. He became a Group Leader in his field in 2019.

STORZ MEDICAL would like to thank all employees for their dedicated service over the past years and looks forward to a shared future.