RTL News Report »New Alzheimer's therapy: gentle shock waves bring back memory«


It's getting exciting: In the RTL News report »Neue Alzheimer-Therapie: Sanfte Stosswellen bringen Gedächtnis zurück«. Prof. Dr Musa Citak introduces in his practice in Hamburg the NEUROLITH® system and the treatment method, Transcranial Pulse Stimulation – short TPS.
TPS as a modern therapy method for the treatment of Alzheimer's dementia stimulates different brain regions even in deeper areas.

This stimulates the brain cells and reactivates them in targeted areas. It leads to an improvement in cerebral blood flow and facilitates new blood vessel formation. Studies show that cognitive abilities of affected people are improved considerably.123

The patient interviewed in the article has a diagnosis of moderate dementia. He and his wife experience a significant improvement in daily activities through TPS treatment. They both feel a return of enthusiasm for life and he is able to do daily tasks such as driving and shopping independently again.


»I can remember more things, even conversations, which was not the case before«
(J.V., patient in Prof. Dr Citak's practice).


During the broadcast on Monday, 22 November 2021, Dr Lars Wojtecki MD, head physician of the Clinic for Neurology and Neurorehabilitation at the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist in Kempen, was featured in a live interview. He sheds light on the ongoing studies and emphasises the hopeful prospects with the new treatment method. TPS could also be a therapeutic approach for other indications - such as Parkinson's disease - in the future.

In the video you can see how the treatment works, how many sessions are necessary and how well the TPS treatment has worked for the patient.

The report about transcranial pulse stimulation is publicly available on RTL News:

View report here

Please note that the film is shown in German.

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