STORZ MEDICAL Live Webinar »ESWT in Hand Surgery« on Tuesday, 22nd September 2020 · 18:00 – 19:00 (CET)


In our first STORZ MEDICAL live webinar after the summer break Prof. Dr Karsten Knobloch will talk about the beneficial effects of ESWT in hand surgery.

As a composite and delicate field of surgery, issues of ESWT on hand bones like scaphoid non-unions and lunate bone edema will be highlighted based on the beneficial effects of focused electromagnetic ESWT on these indications.

In addition, tendon disorders like De Quervain tendinopathy of the 1st extensor compartment and trigger finger, and a tenosynovitis stenosans of the flexor tendons will be discussed. Dupuytren’s disease as the major fibromatosis disease of the hand will be touched as well as knuckle pads of the PIP joints.

The webinar registration – for healthcare professionals only – is possible under this link:

You are invited to join.

The recording of this webinar and all other webinars will be available exclusively for our customers and partners on the ShockWavePortal.