MEDICA 2019: STORZ MEDICAL presents new innovations NEUROLITH, MAGNETOLITH and redesigned MODULITH SLC


Düsseldorf/Germany: After three fascinating and very interesting days, MEDICA 2019 ended on 21 November. Once again, the world’s leading medical trade fair was a huge success. At STORZ MEDICAL’s exhibition stand in hall 10, the full range of the company’s therapy options was on display – including several innovations. Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) with the NEUROLITH® system, a unique procedure for patients with Alzheimer's disease, was explained in detail by Dr Rafael Storz, who also answered the visitors’ questions. In addition, the new MAGNETOLITH® for Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT®) and the redesigned MODULITH® SLC were also at the centre of attention. Both devices were unveiled and presented during the trade fair.

NEUROLITH® – Transcranial Pulse Stimulation for patients with Alzheimer’s disease
In 2018, Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) with the NEUROLITH® system was the first, and hitherto only, procedure of its kind to obtain authorization for the »treatment of the central nervous system of patients with Alzheimer’s disease«. To date, more than 2000 treatment sessions have been carried out, no side effects were observed. In the CERAD test, significant improvements were shown in mild to moderate cases of Alzheimer's dementia. As a result of the treatments, patients and their family members reported improvements in abilities such as verbal skills, memory performance and awareness of their surroundings.

MEDICA 2019: STORZ MEDICAL presents new innovations NEUROLITH, MAGNETOLITH and redesigned MODULITH SLC

Pain management: MAGNETOLITH® expands range of treatments
Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT®) with MAGNETOLITH® is a non-invasive treatment solution from STORZ MEDICAL that opens up completely new possibilities in pain management and rehabilitation. The main areas of application of this new procedure are trauma surgery, orthopaedics, physical medicine, traumatology, sports medicine and rehabilitation. In the course of EMTT®, short electromagnetic pulses are transferred to the body via an applicator. The device’s uniquely high resonance frequency of up to 130 kHz regulates and normalizes the metabolism of the cell. The energy balance of the cell, the membrane potential, is regulated and brought to its natural level, which ensures fast cell regeneration. The treatment only takes a few minutes. It does not cause any pain and is free from side effects, energetic wellbeing may already be felt immediately after the first treatment session.

MODULITH® SLC – Device for cardiology gets new design
The MODULITH® SLC is the world's first shock wave device for the treatment of refractory angina pectoris. The device, which has been successful since 1999, has now been completely redesigned. STORZ MEDICAL’s engineers have optimized numerous small details in order to further improve the ergonomics and the overall quality of the MODULITH® SLC.

Further information on the innovations presented at MEDICA 2019 will soon be available on our website.