STORZ MEDICAL Live Webinar »ESWT in Sports: Patellar Tendinopathy« on Tuesday, 19th May 2020 · 18:00 – 19:00 (CET)

Webinar »ESWT in Sports: Patellar Tendinopathy«

In our sixth ESWT Live Webinar »ESWT in Sports: Patellar Tendinopathy« Prof. Dr Carlos Leal MD highlights the shock wave therapy and it’s very special role in the handling of sport injuries, especially the management of chronic tendinopathies.

In particular Prof. Dr Carlos Leal MD will talk about shock wave therapy for »Patellar Tendinopathy«. This is a challenging condition, as we face treatment in a hypo-vascular area with limited healing capacity, that deals with the largest biomechanical forces from the largest muscles, moving the largest bones in the largest joint, in the heart of the vital process of walking, running and jumping.

Shock wave treatments for »Patellar Tendinopathy« have shown good and excellent results and have been recognized as the first choice in cases that do not respond to conventional treatment.

In his presentation Prof. Dr Carlos Leal MD will discuss the basic biological principles of Shockwave treatments for tendon, and the current recommended protocols for ESWT for patellar tendinopathies.

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