Tummers S et al, 2018: [Gallstone ileus treated with shock-waves: ESWL as treatment for intestinal obstruction] (Original article only in Dutch)

Tummers S, Dijkman R, Belgers E, van der Heij B, Sosef M.
Zuyderland Medisch Centrum, afd. Urologie, Sittard-Geleen/Heerlen.

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Joshi HN et al, 2017: Management of Proximal Ureteric Stones: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Versus Ureterorenoscopic Lithotripsy (URSL).

Joshi HN, Shrestha B, Karmacharya RM, Makaju S, Koju R, Gyawali D.
Department of Surgery, Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital, Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal.

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Kodama K et al, 2018: Renal arteriovenous fistula induced by extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy treated by retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy.

Kodama K, Takase Y, Tokai R, Saito K.
Department of Urology, Department of Pathology, Toyama City Hospital, Toyama, Japan.

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Frost F et al, 2018: Between a Rock and an Airspace: Pneumothorax After Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy for Renal Stones in a Patient With Cystic Fibrosis.

Frost F, Griffiths P, Brockelsby C, Lynch C, Walshaw MJ, Nazareth D.
Adult CF Centre, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, Liverpool, UK.
Urology Department, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital, Liverpool, UK.

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Dobrowiecka K et al, 2018: Early complications of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy in the records of the Department of Paediatrics, Nephrology and Allergology of the Military Institute of Medicine - preliminary results.

Dobrowiecka K, Przekora J, Jobs K, Kowalczyk K, Plewka K, Paturej A, Kalicki B.
Student Scientific Society of the Department of Paediatrics, Department of Paediatrics Nephrology and Allergology of the Military Institute of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland.

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