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Shock wave therapy and ultrasound diagnosis merged in a single system

  • DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« from STORZ MEDICAL
  • Diagnosis and therapy with a single system
  • Modular design for scalable performance
  • Intuitive control with "Top View" display
  • Diagnostic reliability

Tägerwilen, February 2012 – Orthopaedists, specialists in sports medicine and pain therapists can now benefit from a unique medical innovation: pioneering focused and radial shock wave therapy and ultrasound diagnosis have been merged in a single system for even better treatment results.

With the launch of the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra«, STORZ MEDICAL AG, the leading manufacturer of innovative shock wave systems and member of the German Karl Storz Group, has inaugurated a new era of enhanced ease of use for shock wave therapists. The latest entry in the successful DUOLITH® series further strengthens the pole position held by the Swiss pioneer in shock wave therapy. With the development of their new system generation, STORZ MEDICAL's experts once again underpin their unparalleled commitment to patient and user oriented improvement of extracorporeal shock wave therapy solutions.

"Two in one"

At last, diagnosis and treatment have been successfully merged in a single shock wave system. With the new DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra«, doctors are now able to perform diagnostic ultrasound imaging and patient-specific radial and focused shock wave therapy from a single control system.

Experts at STORZ MEDICAL have developed this revolutionary single-system solution in order to significantly enhance treatment results for patients and ease of use for therapists. "The term »Connected Technologies« couldn't be more apt to describe this innovative synergy between diagnosis and therapy in a single system", says Manfred Schulz, Head of Marketing and Sales at STORZ MEDICAL AG.

Function and design elicit enthusiastic response from first users

The new modularity of the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« enables both new users of extracorporeal shock wave therapy as well as experienced therapists to use the diverse functions offered by the system according to the requirements of their specific applications. This is why STORZ MEDICAL has launched three different system variants, with modules that can be used to complement each other. Intuitive operation and control by means of an ergonomically optimised radial handpiece with innovative display, visual monitoring of the application pressure, individual selection of pressure and frequency settings as well as a hitherto unknown handpiece noise absorption feature are all included in the standard version.

Additional modules available for the new shock wave system are ultrasound colour Doppler, focused shock wave application with constant and reliable high energy dynamics, on-board patient management and simple user guidance for all treatment parameters. The ultrasound touch screen display and a dedicated software guarantee accurate targeted "navigation" of the radial or focused handpiece over therapy regions with ergonomically optimised focal zones even for deep target areas.

The add-on modules available for the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« can also be retrofitted to existing STORZ MEDICAL systems that are already in use at medical practices.

"The fact that we can provide a clear picture of the available treatment options and that, in most cases, successful therapy results are achieved instantly after the treatment are important aspects for our patients", explain Dr. Carlo Di Maio and Dr. Stephan Swart, who were given the opportunity to install and use the system at their practice before market launch. "The system is well equipped for this kind of patient communication. Our patients are very pleased with the treatment and have great confidence in the proven Swiss quality in terms of functionality and design."

DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« – Key features at a glance

  • Therapy, diagnosis, information and navigation with a single system (»Connected Technologies«)
  • On-board diagnosis (ultrasound imaging, b/w or colour Doppler)
  • STORZ MEDICAL »Top View« display with all relevant information via touch screen
  • Radial shock wave application with innovative handpiece display and »Skin Touch« ON/OFF sensor
  • Focused shock wave application with constant and reliable high energy dynamics, ergonomically optimised focal zones even for deep target areas


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