The New Manual for Urologists

Technological progress in the generation of shock waves and the design of lithotripters has rendered treatment methods easier and more comfortable. However, the treatment results strongly depend on the correct handling of the technology.

This manual will familiarize the reader with the nature of shock waves and their main features for medical use. Renowned opinion makers in the field of lithotripsy offer tips and tricks on how to obtain the best results in stone fragmentation as well as practical guidance for the daily clinical routine. The book also addresses a relatively new field of shock wave application in urology: The stimulation effect of shock waves is used efficiently in the treatment of different kinds of chronic pain such as chronic prostatitis.

The publication is rounded off by descriptions of the potential neuronal mechanisms of action applied in the treatment of chronic pain in general and pain relief by shock wave stimulation in particular.



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mercredi 5 août 2020

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