MODULITH® SLK »inline« – A global success story

In the fifth year since premiering at the Vienna EAU Congress in the Spring of 2011, the success story of the MODULITH® SLK »inline« just keeps rolling on. This year, the mark of 60 installed devices all over the world will be exceeded. The number counts towards the 1700 STORZ MEDICAL systems sold throughout the world in the last 27 years.

2015 07 01 001 news

MODULITH® SLK »inline« with C-arc and ultrasound diagnostics

Following the first installations in Central Europe and Central America, we extended our market coverage to Russia and Asia. Three systems are operated in Australia: the first one – installed in 2013 – is used as a mobile version, while the second and third device are permanently installed. System installations have also increased in Latin America, for example in Honduras, Ecuador, Brazil and Chile. The efficiency of the MODULITH® SLK »inline« lithotripter is also much appreciated in countries such as North Korea and Afghanistan.

The global success of the MODULITH® SLK »inline« is attributable to the unique system design which enables excellent adaptation to different markets and customer requirements. Available solutions range from simple configurations operated with locally purchased C-arcs right up to more complex versions with remote control capability and motorized C-arcs. So all systems can be tailored to suit specific customer requirements and budgets.

2015 07 01 002 news
MODULITH® SLK »inline« in North Korea

Ultrasound is an important alternative to X-ray imaging, especially for the localization of radiotransparent stones or for radiation-free imaging of stones located in the kidney and distal ureter. The MODULITH® SLK »inline« features the proven STORZ MEDICAL in-line ultrasound option for maximum precision. The in-line arrangement of the ultrasound probe ensures that obstacles such as ribs or sensitive organs such as the lungs are instantly visible in the ultrasound image and can be by-passed during shock wave application.

2015 07 01 003 news
MODULITH® SLK »inline« for endourological procedures

Convenient access to the patient table and a wide spectrum of accessories make the MODULITH® SLK »inline« equally suitable for endourological procedures such as URS or PCNL. The multifunctional footswitch provides maximum ease of use. It enables the doctor to move the patient table easily and intuitively during transurethral procedures without any help from an assistant and without having to let go of the endoscope.

The special mobile version of the MODULITH® SLK »inline« can be easily loaded and secured on a truck for transport. This makes the system the ideal choice for countries requiring mobile and flexible lithotripsy services.

2015 07 01 004 news
Mobile version of the MODULITH® SLK »inline«


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