SHOCK WAVE China 2015: Huge Media Response

The »3rd SHOCK WAVE China« – a conference on extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) – was held in Shanghai, China, from 24 – 25 October 2015. It was sponsored by STORZ MEDICAL. More than 300 participants attended top class talks and hands-on workshops on treatment possibilities, innovative technology solutions and current trends. Many Chinese media reported on the conference, which shows that shock wave therapy is becoming more and more important in China.

SHOCK WAVE China 2015
SHOCK WAVE China 2015 – sponsored by STORZ MEDICAL

ESWT in tumour therapy and other conference highlights
Prof Anthony Yu (China) gave a talk on the promising use of shock wave therapy in tumour therapy. His impressive treatment results show that shock wave therapy could become an interesting therapy option for cancer patients in the near future. Many conference participants were also interested in the workshop by Prof Heinz Lohrer (Germany) about the advantages of shock wave therapy in sports medicine. Using various examples, Prof Lohrer explained how shock wave therapy can contribute to better care for athletes in all performance classes. Another workshop by Dr Jens Lundgren (Sweden) showed that shock wave therapy is being used very successfully for fascia treatment today. Among the further main topics of the conference were the use of shock wave therapy for non-healing fractures, technological innovations (for example in the area of radial transmitters) as well as new indications from different medical disciplines.

STORZ MEDICAL is planning a new research centre in China
During the conference, STORZ MEDICAL revealed plans to extend its activities in China in the future. In close cooperation with the »Metha Syntheses Medicine« clinic group, STORZ MEDICAL is going to establish a modern research centre for shock wave therapy in Shanghai. The necessary planning has already been completed.



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