Shock waves in fascial therapy: new academy shares in-depth practical expertise

For treating fascial structures, alongside conventional treatments, shock wave therapy is increasingly used – with excellent results. Dr Stephan Swart and Dr Carlo Di Maio are two physicians who used shock wave therapy to treat fascia-related problems early on. Based on their ideas and experiences, in collaboration with STORZ MEDICAL the new PERI-ACTOR® transmitters were developed that fundamentally facilitate and optimize fascial therapy. In order to share their comprehensive expertise, Dr Swart and Dr Di Maio have founded the discentis continuing professional development academy.
Shock waves in fascial therapy
Special fascial transmitters facilitate treatment

Hands-on training courses in a workshop atmosphere

The training events focus on »Integrative Fascial Pain Therapy« (IFPT), the therapy concept developed by Dr Swart and Dr Di Maio. Seminar participants obtain in-depth practical know-how on using shock wave therapy for fascia-related problems and on using fascial transmitters combined with manual medicine, osteopathy, the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) and myofascial trigger point therapy. Hands-on workshops in small groups working directly with patients ensure that training is intensive.

Four workshops are to be held at the physicians' private practice in Rheinberg (Germany, close to Düsseldorf) per year, with additional events taking place at locations including Switzerland at STORZ MEDICAL and Berlin at the historic Kaiserin-Augusta Hospital. There will be workshops in German and English.

All important information on the programme, dates, registration and certifications is available on the discentis website at

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