EAU Paris Lithotripter News!

More comfort.

Now better handling of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Following its world premiere in Vienna one year ago, the new generation of lithotripter is already equipped with another compelling feature: the in-line unit for the MODULITH® SLK »inline« for successful ultrasound localisation.

What's more, the stationary lithotripter MODULITH® SLX-F2 has now been enhanced by the option of a fixed ceiling-mounting suspension system, offering even more flexible and easier handling in the endourological workstation.

The congress of the European Association of Urology (EAU) being held from 25 – 27 February in Paris will see the STORZ MEDICAL team presenting these innovative highlights for urology to medical specialists for the first time.

Still higher and excellent use in endourology

In addition to the already outstanding flexibility of the MODULITH® range, the MODULITH® SLX-F2 now comes with an optional, new ceiling-mounting suspension system from KLS Martin as well. With this configuration, urologists have a multifunctional ESWL treatment device with the best possible flexibility, which also offers greater convenience and ease of use during endourological surgical procedures: monitor arms and equipment carriers can now be moved easily and in any direction during treatment. Thus for the surgeon it is easy to operate the integrated KARL STORZ endoscopy devices at any time and ensuring consistently exceptional views of the monitors.

The new era of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

When is innovation sensible, especially in lithotripsy, such a well proved treatment area in urology? In all cases, when comfort during treatment and results for both patients and doctors can be equally and considerably improved. One year after the world premiere, the first worldwide operators of the MODULITH® SLK »inline« have already shown that they are enthusiastic: device functions, patient positioning, the operation of the entire system - everything works with a simplicity that has never been achieved before.

The new generation of lithotripter with in-line localisation concept

The innovative therapy head with in-line X-ray positioning is a crucial component for ensuring optimal treatment flexibility. It can be moved automatically into the over-table or under-table positions for each stone localisation. »The coaxial design of the X-ray and shock wave system makes adjustment of the stone into focus easy«, state Prof Dr Häcker and his clinic team about the new therapeutic unit. »You can easily monitor the progress of the stone fragmentation through the opening of the therapy head and correct the position if necessary«, the expert further explains.

In addition, the new touch screen panel provides the appropriate ease of use for all important functions for positioning and shock wave release. Thereby, the operation is intuitive and extremely simple. All important functions are available at your fingertips and are easily distinguishable by their symbols. Routine processes are automated, in order that the operator can concentrate fully on his primary task – the successful treatment of the patient.

Comfortable positioning of the patient

Laborious rearrangement of the patient being treated on the operating table is finally a thing of the past. Even the anaesthesia can remain fixed in one place in the treatment room. This new comfort for both patients and doctors is possible due to the new, flexible therapy head of the lithotripter in combination with the patient table. Finally, patients – ranging from children through to adipose adults – can be easily and safely supported. Patients can always remain in the supine position, irrespective of the position of the stone in the urinary tract.

Very well suited for further endourological interventions

The new lithotripter is well suited for all transurethral interventions of the lower and upper urinary tract with its new comfort patient table. Thanks to accessories such as the insert plate, stirrups and drain bag the device can be quickly prepared for treatments other than the ESWL. This means that hospitals can achieve an even better utilisation capacity of the device and the treatment room. Last but not least, worth mentioning is the red-dot awarded design, which not only offers so many more valuable, everyday handling advantages, but it also looks good.

»We are certain that the expert audience at the EAU in Paris will be enthusiastic about the practical »comfort upgrade« of the MODULITH® range. We are looking forward to presenting this genuine innovation for urology and patients«, explains Peter Schmid, Director International Sales Hospital Devices of the STORZ MEDICAL AG, as he eagerly awaits the premiere in Paris.



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