STORZ MEDICAL – Tradition and History
STORZ MEDICAL – Tradition and History

»It's conceivable, so it's possible«

Dr hc Karl Storz

If you talk about shock waves today, you will certainly talk about STORZ MEDICAL as well. Back in 1945, when Dr Karl Storz laid the foundation for the KARL STORZ Group in souther german suebian town Tuttlingen, nobody could have imagined what a great influence the products from this innovative think tank would have not only on endoscopy but also on shock wave therapy.

As early as in 1970 the use of the first ultrasound lithotripter worldwide for the treatment of urinary stones had broken new ground already. At the beginning of 1987, the decision to develop an extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter followed and, in November of the same year the STORZ MEDICAL AG was eventually established in Switzerland. One year later, STORZ MEDICAL applied for a patent for the electromagnetic cylindrical source, which remains the heart of all its focused shock wave systems up to date. It was also in 1988 that the prototype of the first modular lithotripter in the world, the MODULITH® SL10, was presented – a technological sensation!

A series of technical innovations in the field of extracorporeal shock wave therapy – all protected by patents – followed and formed a strong and promising basis for the future success of the STORZ MEDICAL AG. Non-invasive solutions for urgent therapeutic problems in urology, cardiology, neurology and orthopaedic pain treatment, for example, consolidated the reputation of STORZ MEDICAL as the leading enterprise in shock wave technology in the world.

The further development of non-invasive and patient friendly treatment methods will keep STORZ MEDICAL busy in the future and – in full accordance with Dr hc Karl Storz – leave the company no time for resting on its laurels.


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