STORZ MEDICAL – Tradition and History
STORZ MEDICAL – Tradition and History


Foundation of the STORZ MEDICAL AG in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. New ground is broken in medical technology. Shock wave therapy adds a non-invasive method to the choice of treatments.

Foundation of the STORZ MEDICAL AG in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. New ground is broken in medical technology. Shock wave therapy adds a non-invasive method to the choice of treatments.

Breakthrough in medical shock wave technology: Application for a patent for the electromagnetic cylindrical source. The prototype of the first modular lithotripter is produced.


Market launch of the first generation of lithotripters (MODULITH® SL10/SL20) with the patented electromagnetic STORZ MEDICAL cylindrical source, which is also equipped with X-ray localization in addition to in-line ultrasound localization.


Market launch of the first lithotripter worldwide (MODULITH® SLX) equipped with in-line localization systems for both imaging modes (X-ray/ultrasound). The hollow geometry of the cylindrical source is used consistently to either X-ray through the source or work with an in-line ultrasound transducer.

For the first time a lithotripter (MINILITH® SL1) is used for the non-invasive treatment of salivary stones by Dr Wolfgang Kater in Frankfurt, Germany.


First treatment of spasms with the MINILITH® SL1 applied by Dr Henning Lohse-Busch in Bad Krozingen, Germany.


Prof Heinz Lohrer of the Institute for Sports Medicine Frankfurt Main (Sportmedizinisches Institut – SMI) is the first to apply the MINILITH® SL1 in the treatment of orthopaedic pain (ESWT) suffered by athletes at the Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta, USA.


Presentation of the first interdisciplinary lithotripter (MODULITH® SLK) with patented, computer based navigation system (Lithotrack®): With this system it is for the first time possible to aim with a flexible therapy head at a position localized by X-ray with a C-arc.


Breakthrough in cardiology: For the first time a patient's heart (non-revascularizable angina pectoris) is treated with shock waves. The first CSWT (Cardiac Shock Wave Therapy) with the MODULITH® SLC is carried out by Prof Dr Raimund Erbel and Dr Guido Caspari in Essen, Germany.


The German physicians Dr Roman Strössenreuther (Moosburg-Freising), Dr Georg Popp (Augsburg), and Dr Werner Siems/Dr Reiner Brenke (Bad Ems) are the first to use the MINILITH® SL1 for the treatment of aesthetic indications (cellulite). In their studies they could prove a significant reduction of malondialdehyde and protein carbonyls (biomarkers for oxidative stress) in the plasma.


The dual focus is introduced to lithotripsy: The MODULITH® SLX-F2 is the first lithotripter with switchable focus size (precise or extended).
First treatment of non-bacterial prostatitis/CPPS with the MINILITH® SL1 by Prof Arnulf Stenzl, Dr Reinhold Zimmermann and Dr Sven Lahme in Tübingen, Germany.


StorM-Touch with StorM-Base – the first fully integrated touch operated system for stone treatment with patient data management.

STORZ MEDICAL presents the V-ACTOR® vibration technology as an adjuvant treatment complementing shock wave therapy.


Launch of the new MODULITH® SLK »inline« – a cutting-edge, ergonomic design is combined with an optimal over-table and under-table positioning of the shock wave source.

STORZ MEDICAL combines shock wave therapy with ultrasound: the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« is the first modular shock wave therapy system worldwide with an integrated diagnostic ultrasound system.

STORZ MEDICAL presents the all-rounder in urology: the MODULITH® SLX-F2 »connect« combines a lithotripter and urological workstation with integrated X-ray flat panel detector.

STORZ MEDICAL launches the newest generation of radial pressure wave devices: the MASTERPULS® »ultra« line.

The new focused shock wave SEPIA® handpiece with integrated, clear display for rapid treatment navigation at reduced revision costs is introduced and successfully accepted by the market.

The MODULITH® SLK »intelect« can be used as a versatile lithotripter with a variety of urological workstations and C-arcs.

The MODULITH® SLX-F2 »FD21« with dynamic X-ray flat panel detector is the ideal stationary SWL system for customers with large numbers of patients.

STORZ MEDICAL develops a new radial pressure wave device, the MASTERPULS® ONE. It is characterised by its ease of use, compact design and the light SPARROW™ handpiece.

STORZ MEDICAL presents the NEUROLITH® for treatment of the central nervous system in patients with Alzheimer's disease using transcranial pulse stimulation (TPS®).

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