20 Years of STORZ MEDICAL – Shock Waves in Medicine

The success story of STORZ MEDICAL AG started in 1988 with the development of a shock wave source with superb performance compared to conventional designs previously utilized in the field of lithotripsy. Electro hydraulic systems (spark gap/ellipsoid) and electro magnetic systems with flat coil and lens focusing were outperformed with respect to the most important parameters such as energy, energy flux density, peak pressure etc.

The innovation is based on utilizing cylindrical coils (instead of flat coils) in combination with a specially formed reflector shaped as a rotational paraboloid, which is rotated about an axis, perpendicular to standard axis of a paraboloid. The patented STORZ MEDICAL design combines all relevant features for successful medical applications. Highest efficiency, low pain, deep penetration, precise dosage and long economic life time are key characteristics of the STORZ MEDICAL source. In addition, the cylinder source offers ideal preconditions to integrate in-line ultrasound or in-line X-ray localization systems so that exact visualisation of anatomy with relation to shock wave path is easily possible. In the end the fragmentation result depends on the efficient shock wave energy delivered to the stone. It should not be hindered by ribs, pelvic bone or other obstacles to reach the target. In-line localization is the key.

This proprietary technology is the basis for all shock wave systems offered by STORZ MEDICAL AG in the field of urology.

With extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy shock wave therapy was introduced to the medical field. STORZ MEDICAL AG developed the MODULITH® SLX-F2, a highly innovative workstation for stone therapy which is not only an extraordinary efficient lithotripter but is designed for many minimal invasive urological interventions. StorM-Base provides a versatile data management system for documentation and scientific evaluation of treatment results. StorM-Touch, an innovative centralized control platform, integrates a diversity of Karl Storz devices for endourological procedures in a very intuitive way.

The MODULITH® SLK was developed for highest flexibility with in-line integration of an ultrasound localization system. In combination with the LITHOTRACK®-navigation system mobile C-arms of different brands may be used for X-ray-localization. Due to the enormous flexibility of the MODULITH® SLK, the device is not only optimally suited for urological stone therapy but also for a variety of urologic/orthopaedic/rheumatologic applications such as non-unions, chronic prostatitis and chronic pain.

Specifically for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrom (CPPS) STORZ MEDICAL developed a unique shock wave device, the DUOLITH® SD1. For the first time prospective controlled studies proved the healing effect of stimulating shock wave application for pain syndromes such as CPPS.



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Monday, September 28 2020

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