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Right from the very beginning, STORZ MEDICAL has placed great emphasis on developing high-quality products and solutions that not only provide excellent ergonomic design and superior therapeutic outcome but also deliver exceptional treatment success rates even under adverse ambient conditions. To meet this challenge on a long-term basis, we continually evaluate the installation and application reports submitted by our engineers to figure out if and how we can improve our systems in terms of ease of servicing and installation, reliability of components, transport safety and robustness. The information gathered from this analysis is used both in the development of new systems and in the service and maintenance of existing products operated by our customers. All these efforts translate into an exceptional service life of STORZ MEDICAL systems, which – in many cases – may reach over twenty years with unlimited performance level or localization precision.

2015 03 25 001 news

Initial training on the MODULITH® SLK »inline« at Kim Man Yu Hospital, Pjöngjang, North-Korea

What really matters here are not only the tight manufacturing tolerances that are typical of Swiss quality, but also and above all the exceptional system tolerance to the most challenging ambient conditions. Our systems are operated at sea level and in the Mountains of Tibet, for example, and they are being used as stationary systems in high-tech operating theatres or as mobile versions transported by truck through the deserts of Mali. If circumstances are favourable, the system can be broken down into individual sub-systems and transported by air to a place close to the installation site and then set up easily and quickly without losing precious time. In the worst case, however, a combination of sea, air and road transport may be required and the system may be stored at the destination in a temporary storage location over several months under unknown ambient conditions. In order to ensure maximum safety and protection, great emphasis is placed on using vibration-proof outer packaging and reliable documentation of any transport conditions that may be outside the control of any party involved. This is accomplished by means of inclination, humidity, temperature and acceleration sensors, some of them with long-term data logging capability.

The following are a few examples of recent system installations in demanding environments.

MODULITH® SLK »inline« at Kim Man Yu Hospital, Pyongyang, North Korea, June 2014

The system was shipped to North Korea in seaworthy packaging. Upon arrival and truck loading in Pyongyang, it was transported to Kim Man Yu Hospital located about 25 km away from the capital. Since the hospital is frequently inspected by the country's young leader Kim Jong-Un, taking photographs within the building is strictly forbidden and may be punished.

2015 03 25 002 news
The former North Korean leaders are omnipresent, usually in the form of giant statues. The visitor at the left of the photo gives an idea of the size of the monument.

During the installation stage, an interpreter was present all the time for translation. Despite substantial communication problems, the system could be handed over to the customer after three days of application training and successful treatment of six patients with stone disease.

MODULITH® SLX-F2 at Rangpur Medical College & Hospital, Rangpur, Bangladesh, May 2014

The MODULITH® SLX-F2 installed in May this year is the fifth STORZ MEDICAL system operated in Bangladesh. The South Asian country covers an area about the size of Switzerland with a population of around 140 million people.

2015 03 25 003 news
Rangpur, Bangladesh – UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

A large part of Bangladesh's land mass is flooded every year due to extreme monsoon rains. Consequently, the country's infrastructure is in a deplorable condition. Temporary power outages occur at least ten times a day, which means that the STORZ MEDICAL system needs to be operated with an independent UPS.

2015 03 25 004 news
First treatment with the MODULITH® SLX-F2

As in most other cases, only one STORZ MEDICAL specialist was required to perform on-site system installation. Equipment set-up was successfully completed after two weeks and the system could be handed over to the customer. During application training, 18 patients with stone disease were treated successfully.

During the installation stage, the hospital suffered flooding, which, however, had been caused by the theft of a water tap at one of the higher levels of the building.

2015 03 25 005 news
Frequent flooding due to monsoon rains

Despite this incident, hospital staff converted the transport crates in which the components of the MODULITH® SLX-F2 had been delivered into all sorts of useful furniture within lightning speed. Judging by local standards, any more adequate disposal of the packaging is neither possible nor conceivable.

2015 03 25 006 news
Recycling of lithotripter packaging in Bangladesh



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