Physiotherapy on the paddock and in equestrian sport stables: shock waves get equine athletes into shape for top performance

An increasing number of veterinarians are incorporating radial shock wave therapy into their regular practice with great success.

In its December 2011 issue, the renowned »Pferdesport Journal« reported about Christel Auer, a human physiotherapist and FN-approved equine physiotherapist who specialises on ESWT-based therapy options to maintain the structural and functional balance of equine athletes. Auer uses the MASTERPULS® MP100 VET system from STORZ MEDICAL for radial shock wave application (R-SW) and has been able to achieve high success rates with this approach.

(Picture left: Radial shock wave therapy is well-tolerated because it uses no painful high-energy shock waves. Horses become accustomed to it rather quickly. Picture right: Radial shock wave therapy can be performed on an outpatient basis. Therapy systems are flexible and ideal for mobile use.)

The benefits horses and riders draw from the use of ESWT are evident: »Horses often perform to their maximum potential in a short period of time. Afterwards they require brief rest periods to regenerate. Here, shock waves provide an ideal method to promote and improve muscle relaxation and tension relief«, explains Christel Auer. Equine physiotherapist Christel Auer has been using radial shock wave systems from STORZ MEDICAL for about a year now and is fully convinced by the effectiveness of the therapy. »At first, I tested radial shock waves on several horses and quickly found out that this technology is very beneficial in my daily work. « As part of her overall treatment plan, Christel Auer uses radial shock waves as preventive care in the treatment of soft tissue and, more importantly, for the treatment of myofascial trigger points. When tendon insertions need to be treated, Auer recommends the combined use of both focused and radial shock waves by means of the DUOLITH® SD1 VET »T‑Top« system.

Convincing proof of the versatility of radial shock wave therapy and of the benefits provided by the MASTERPULS® MP100 VET system is given by the fact that, in addition to having a curative effect, the treatment also contributes substantially to maintaining the horse's performance level in equestrian sports.

Some of Christel Auers' long-standing international clients are:

  • Samantha McIntosh (World Cup, European Championship and Olympic Games participant for New Zealand, jumping)
  • Katharina Offel (World Cup, European Championship and Olympic Games participant for the Ukraine, jumping)
  • Cameron Hanley (World Cup, European Championship and Olympic Games participant for Ireland, jumping)
  • Holger Wulschner (German national team and Nations Cup rider, jumping)
  • Jonny Hilberath (dressage discipline trainer)
  • Marie-Line Wettstein (World Cup participant and Swiss Champion, dressage)
  • SIEC Istanbul (Sabanci International Equestrian Centre, Turkey)

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