PRIMERA ST360® – Perfect for diagnosis and therapy in urology

STORZ MEDICAL AG is known around the globe for its extensive range of products and services in the field of extracorporeal shock wave therapy. High-end solutions are available for applications in urology, cardiology, orthopaedics, dermatology and other disciplines. With the recent launch of the innovative PRIMERA ST360® urological workstation, STORZ MEDICAL now offers its first medical system without integrated shock wave unit. This means the company treads new ground in an area in which it has a wealth of experience and expertise.

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Isocentric Trendelenburg tilt

During the design and development of the PRIMERA ST360®, close co-operation with KARL TORZ has been strengthened to create interesting solutions for customers. The PRIMERA ST360® workstation is equipped with state-of-the-art digital X-ray technology. The 43 x 43 cm flat-panel detector can image the entire genitourinary tract in a single shot, delivering exceptional image quality. The range of applications of the PRIMERA ST360® spans from urological diagnosis to endourological procedures such as URS or PCNL. Urodynamic techniques can be handled just as easily. The generously dimensioned and reliable mechanical design of the PRIMERA ST360® is reflected, among other things, in the patient table weight capacity of up to 250 kg

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On the left - Sterile touch screen operation – ideal for URS
On the right - Flexible monitor positioning – ideal for bilateral PCNL

One of the special features of the PRIMERA ST360® is the STORZ Communication Bus (SCB). This interface allows all system components required for urological diagnosis and therapy to be interconnected to enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of complex processes. This solution provides significant improvements in workflow. The SCB interface is also required to tie the PRIMERA ST360® into the OR1™ environment. It makes the difference between the PRIMERA ST360® and conventional urological workstations and enables system interconnection with a broad spectrum of components. Interaction with a DICOM network is, of course, also possible. Due to the use of a central control platform, all functions and parameters of the patient table, digital X-ray system, endoscopic imaging devices and therapy units are displayed on the touch screen during treatment. Depending on situational requirements, parameters can be checked quickly and easily both by the medical team and by the doctor in charge.

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Entry and positioning of the patient from a table height of 60 cm

Flexible positioning of the monitors provides an optimum view of the screens during any urological procedure. This feature - along with the fact that the patient table is easily accessible from all sides – creates ergonomic working conditions for medical personnel. The great variety of available versions ranges from the basic configuration with monitor arm up to complex solutions with ceiling mounts that even include operating room lamps and radiation shielding.

By continuing their close co-operation with leading urologists, KARL STORZ and STORZ MEDICAL are already developing new ideas of how to extend and improve the functionalities of the PRIMERA ST360®.



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