STORZ MEDICAL puts great emphasis on energy efficiency

When planning the STORZ MEDICAL building in Tägerwilen on Lake Constance, energy efficiency got high priority from the outset.

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The aim was to avoid an indoor climate often found in modern low energy buildings with forced ventilation and systems that keep temperatures at a constant level independent of the season: There employees perceive temperature, humidity and air exchange as unnatural and get a feeling of powerlessness.

Thus, the ambitious goal was to do without conventional air conditioning and also avoid cooling that depends on fossil energy sources. This was made possible by a clever integration of seasonal geothermal interactions into the overall concept of energy architecture. On the production hall a green roof retains moisture and thus provides a pleasant indoor climate in summer. In winter, a combination of convector heaters and ceiling-mounted radiant panels serves for directional heat distribution of a nature-identical physiological quality.


The administration building is heated and cooled on all three levels dependent on the season by thermally activated construction elements. During the heating season, the storey ceilings are fed by a gas-fired condensing boiler with waste gas heat recovery. Beneath the floor plate of the production hall there are 200 foundation piles designed as geothermal heat exchangers. These piles reach up to 20 m into the earth and use the soil as a gigantic reservoir for storing both heat and cold.

In winter and during the transition periods, cold is extracted from the cold outdoor air by means of an air-to-water heat exchanger and introduced into the soil. If cooling is required in summer due to unpleasantly high outdoor temperatures, the thermal energy flux direction is reversed and the cold stored in the soil is fed into the pipes of the activated storey ceilings by a heat exchanger. Thus, in the overall annual balance no heat is extracted from the soil nor introduced into the soil. In total, we heat and/or cool approximately 7000 m2 of production, storage and office areas.


Key Notes:

  • STORZ MEDICAL integrated sustainable energy components into the overall energy concept of its buildings
  • All in all optimised energy and CO2 balance
  • Nature-identical environmental conditions for all STORZ MEDICAL employees and visitors


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Saturday, September 19 2020

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