Future Day at STORZ MEDICAL: Six children discover medical technology at STORZ MEDICAL

Future Day at STORZ MEDICAL: Six children discover medical technology at STORZ MEDICAL

STORZ MEDICAL invited a small but eager group of six school students to explore the world of medical technology on National Future Day held on 9 November 2023, under the motto »Girls and boys switch sides«. This special day offers children in years 5 to 7 year across Switzerland the opportunity to take a peek at different occupations and break away from traditional gender roles in the professional world.

A warm welcome to the world of medical technology
The young visitors were given a warm welcome to the STORZ MEDICAL premises and set off on an exciting expedition of discovery. They learnt about various occupations found at STORZ MEDICAL and gained insights into the training options the company offers. Employees took time out to talk about their jobs and were open to all questions from their curious guests. At the end of the tour, the children took a quiz to test their newly acquired knowledge and were rewarded with small prizes.

Understanding technology in a playful way
Following the theory, the children looked into hands-on applications: They were introduced to STORZ MEDICAL's advanced technologies like radial shock waves and the functional principle of MAGNETOLITH®. Afterwards, they were given the chance to actively assemble a holder for a mobile phone and pen, and inscribe it by laser – an enduring memory of the day.

Lunch provided the ideal opportunity for discussion after which they went on to join their relatives or family friends at their workplaces. This personal time provided a realistic glimpse into everyday working life and helped the youngsters get a feel for the world of work.

STORZ MEDICAL said goodbye to the school students at the end of Future Day and thanked them warmly for their involvement. Their enthusiasm and open-mindedness made Future Day a special experience.

Find out more about Swiss Future Day: www.nationalerzukunftstag.ch